We Have Started Living Together

Of course my dog Milo is not really thrilled with the two cats Shelly has brought with her and he got lit up by the mean one when he tried to make it stay off of his spot on the floor. She had me reading nutro cat food reviews this morning and asking me what I thought about them. I just looked at Milo and asked him what he was thinking just then. At any rate we found a really cheap place, a house out in the country which is more or less well located for both of us. She is teaching in a school that is about five minutes away. Where I live is a lot less of an issue, since all I really need is the internet and my home office. I go into the city once or twice in a week and some of the time not at all. More often I get in the car and go to visit one of the clients so that I can get a good grasp on what they need from us. Either way it does not really matter that I am not so close to the office.

This is a really isolated place, we live back behind a horse farm that belongs to the mother of a guy that I went to high school with. She has a lot of land here, probably around three hundred acres of which a lot is wooded. There are a couple of ponds and a nice lake that must be around seven or eight acres I would guess. It is out in the woods and no one seems to know that it is there. There really are not any walking trails back there and so when I managed to get there I realized the fish were unaccustomed to lures.