Organised attacks by Gun Bullies on Twitter

Are you aware that there is an organised campaign against #GunSense on Twitter?

I’ve only recently realised what’s happening, after posting several posts in support of #GunSense.

One or more of those against gun control, presumably the leaders, track the tag #GunSense and favourite any tweet that uses it. This alerts their allies and they descend on mass on the original poster. Some posts offer ‘fact’ based arguments against the original post, but they soon descend into insults and degradation of the original poster.

I don’t know if these people are in the employ of the gun industry, but I would be certain that some of them have some connection with those that are making their fortune out of the death and destruction laid upon America by loose gun laws.

I’ve notified those that responded to my most recent tweet that I am aware of their tactics and I will no longer engage in conversation with them, but they will not stop me posting in favour of #GunSense.

Maybe the pro #GunSense campaign should organise a similar strategy to counter their assault on the sensible, but then again, why should we descend to their bullying tactics?

We have created this page Gun Violence in America in support of #GunSense on this site

Long live the sensible and every success with your endeavours

Demand a Plan

Following the recent Charleston church shooting, a new campaign for sensible gun laws has been launched #DemandAPlan. That too has been attacked by the self centred gun corporations.

Check out this page, not only the video made by numerous celebrities, but the simple steps that could easily be taken to reduce the gun deaths, if they weren’t quashed by the gun lobbyists paid by the gun manufacturers