New Oil Exploration Technology Lets Newcomers into the Game

We were getting into the energy industry late in the game, but we were relying on new oil exploration technology to find areas where drilling was going to produce more with less land. The oil boom has companies with staked claims pretty much all over the Marcellus Shale region of North America. However, there are still some areas open for exploration for drilling for oil. Our financial backers were interested because of our plans to use cutting edge technology in finding the profitable oil and gas deposits.

The new oil exploration technology even uses satellite imaging to find areas that should be drilled. There is so much sensitivity involved in today’s methods of using high tech to find oil that the tiniest details can be analyzed even from pictures taken from space. Having geologist boots on the ground just further ensures success in our oil-finding venture. Wherever oil is, you will likely find gas too. We are interested in the oil, but we earn by contracting out the recovery of the gas fields we discover in our searches for fossil fuels below the earth’s surface.

The company we use technology from can even detect oil seepage underwater in tiny amounts that has been occurring for many years. This makes choosing the spot for your oil rig to drill more than just a hedged bet. It makes it more like a sure thing. The images show the oil under our feet, and the last step is just drilling to pull it up out of the ground. There really is a science to it, but our people make it look easy. Having a track record of drilling producing wells also works out great for the bottom line of our oil exploration and energy producing company. Energy is big business, and we are in it up to our necks.