Lose weight in the dark

Here are few interesting little tidbits to kick us off. A recent study has suggested that sleeping with the light on can make you put on weight. Yeah, it may protect you from the bogey man, but you could end up twice his size. The study used two groups of mice; one was kept in total darkness while the other was exposed to dim light. Both were given the same amount of food, but the group that was exposed to the dim light had gained 50% more weight after 8 weeks. They also showed signs of pre-diabetes. It is believed that the light exposure may effect levels of melatonin, a hormone that effects metabolism.

So put out the lights, close the total block curtains and make sure you have no bright alarm clock lights, or the like, at night and you could be on your way to that svelte look you are after.

More bad news for those who love the nightlife, people who got to bed earlier consume on average 248 calories a day less. A recent study says that people who stay up late not only eat more, but they are drawn to bad food choices, eating twice as much junk food and half as much fruit and vegetables. Researchers think that a late sleep-wake cycle may encourage the packing on of pounds because it throws the body out of its natural rhythm of sleeping at night and eating during the day, when bodies are more active.

Dr. Maoshing Ni, PhD, author of Second Spring advises that eating late is also detrimental to a good nights sleep. He suggests eating no later than 7 p.m. to help free up your liver to perform its daily detox. Otherwise your body’s resources are busy digesting when you should be resting.

So, in summary, eat early, go to bed early and make sure it is completely dark in there. It looks like that old adage of early to bed early to rise really does make you healthier. I will continue my research to see if it makes you wealthier and wise.