Looking Forward to Moving in at the Principal Garden Location in Singapore

Our goal was to move to a nice high rise structure with a sky pool and fun amenities. We found a place with a water jet platform and a sky pool on level 24. We were offered an option on a lease for a three-bedroom condo that has a private elevator at the Principal Garden location. The project is still in the construction phase. However, you need to get your application in early for a place like this as the units will go incredibly fast. We wanted a place that would be brand new without anyone ever living in it before. We planned on keeping our condo for a very long time.

Properties in Singapore get filled fast. There is always a construction project going on, but you need to apply in a hurry once you find the place you really wan to live. I have a friend who was not moving until he could get a condo at the water’s edge. My wife and I wanted something a little more inland. The Principal Garden location is perfect for us. They are going to have large swimming pools, so we will have access to all the water we want. The condo itself has a wonderful three-bedroom floor plan. We can hardly wait to move in!

We are going to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The total square footage is 1195. It has a nicely appointed kitchen. Or, as I should say, it will have one. We are watching this project closely. We are very eager to move into our new place. The waiting has got us very excited. Singapore sure is growing up. We are continuing to build land mass out into the water, and we are building taller and taller buildings. The shared use facilities have shops, restaurants, offices and residential condos. You could work, live, eat and play and never leave the building you live in!