I Spent the Day Babysitting

I spent the day babysitting some kids for this person who is a friend of my old boss. In fact they are dating and the two of them apparently took a day trip to Bali. He lives at this new place called parc life. The place has these executive condos and they are really nice. It is obviously off of Yishun Avenue and really close to the Yishun Park and the reservoir, along with a bunch of other parks. That is where me and the two children spent nearly all of the day. They are both girls, one of them seven and the other one is five. They had a football and it was pretty quickly that they organized a little match with a half dozen or so other girls. There was an odd number of them, so they put me in one of the goals. That was hardly fair, so half of the way through they sent me to the other end of the field.

Obviously a girl that age would usually not have much luck getting a ball past a grown man, but one of these girls was older and the fact is that she was a really good goal scorer. Her father was there watching and it was obvious that he had taught her all of the tricks. This one time she literally almost faked me out of my shoes. I went to the left and turned around to see her nonchalantly place the ball in the opposite corner. I tried to be nice to the other girls, let things slip past me. She did not go for that and shook her finger at me when I let her score. It was obvious that she was a very serious little baller and she wanted to score on me honestly.

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