How We Used an Beat We Purchased Online for a Promo Video

We needed a heavy rapid beat for a promo video we were doing for our store. It costs a fortune to hire musicians to create something, so we looked online for trap beats for sale. The trap beat is very fast. Imagine a drum beat that is like automatic rifle fire. Then throw in a few RPGs for the base thump. We needed something like that to catch the attention of the viewers. It would run for a few seconds at a higher volume then go to the background while the announcer speaks. At the end, the volume picks back up again.

It is nice to be able to find hundreds of trap beats for sale online to choose from. We listened to dozens of them before narrowing down our choices to a select few. Then we picked one to go with for our promo video musical score. The beat is awesome and fits with our brand perfectly. It was worth more than the cost we paid to buy it. I searched through the artist’s repertoire of beats to see if we could find something to use for other promos and in other areas of marketing. The sound from the artist fits like a glove with our brand. I can see us buying more beats from him as time goes on.

Nowadays we license pictures, videos and music to use in a commercial way. You can still hire a band, musicians, photographers and other specialists, but it is quicker and easier to find what you need from already-produced works that are available for sale online. There is a vast catalog of trap beats for sale along with just about any hip-hop or rap beat you can imagine to use for your marketing needs. I suppose most people use the beats for rap lyrics, but we had a different purpose in mind.