How to Workout at Home

Do you really need to go to a gym to get fit?

Join a Gym

There are many advantages to going to a gym to get fit, they have all of the equipment that you need to start off with.

At a gym you will probably be coached by a personal trainer who can put together a “personal” fitness plan for you.

Many people find that the discipline of leaving the house, or work, to go to a gym helps in maintaining a fitness regime. As does working out with other people for some.

So, if you are looking for any of those things, by all means sign up for a gym membership and a personal trainer and go for it.

Don’t Join a Gym

On the other hand there are some drawbacks and it really is a case of different strokes for different folks.

Some people do not have a regular schedule that allows them to be at a gym at the specified time once, twice or several times a week.

Many people sign up and do not go to the gym, which can be expensive, as most gyms will not refund your membership. The same is true of personal trainers; they do not come cheap either.

By the way, beware of personal trainers that are not expensive, as it probably means your training is not that personal. He or she has probably written the same workout for hundreds of people before you and will just let you get on with it, after an initial session.

Another drawback for some of us is that we do not enjoy the idea of training with other people around and watching, fearing that we might be judged by them.

So if any of those issues sound familiar to you, do not worry there are lots of ways to get fit at home. You do not have to buy all of the expensive equipment that they have at the gym. You can do lots exercises using your own body weight, or with the aid of some basic low priced items.

Ab workouts


Everyone wants a flat stomach and washboard abs right?

Well the good news is that you do not need a lot of equipment to get them.

But here’s a reality check, you will not get them from exercise alone. Diet plays a big part in displaying that 6 pack. You see, if you did all of the sit ups and crunches you could count, you would build some strong abdominal muscles, but if your diet is wrong they would be behind the fat that your body stores in that area.

Now for those abs. There are a wide variety of exercises that you can do and a wide variety is what you need to keep you interested and motivated.

Everyone knows about the basic sit up, or crunch, as it’s more often called these days. But there are a whole lot of crunches to address different abdominal muscles and vary degrees of intensity.

You can do crunches with you legs straight, bent or inclined. You can do them on the floor, a bench, a fit ball or suspended on an ankle grip. And don’t forget to include twisting crunches for those side abs or obliques.

Fortis Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel works by allowing you to perform roll outs, for which you have to engage all of your abdominal, lower back and pelvic floor muscles. The workout can be hard, but the results are worth it!

Core Training

Core strength and core training are buzz words these days, you must have heard of them. What do they mean?

Well they mean training the core muscles of the back and abdomen. This provides a great platform to build your fitness on. We should all focus on our core strength before concentrating on the arms, legs or anything else. A strong core can help prevent injury, especially back injury and can even help those who already have back injuries to recover and prevent future flare ups.

If you suffer with an existing back problem check out Exercises to Relieve Your Sciatica Symptoms

Stability is another word that is often bandied around in relation to core training. When performing any exercise it is obviously easier on a stable surface, like the floor. But once you have grasped the basics of that exercises you can make it more challenging by adding a degree of instability, like a fit ball.

The benefit of working out on an unstable surface is that it forces you to use more muscles, so that you maintain your balance and those are the core muscles.

Fitness disciplines like Yoga and Pilates improve your strength, stability and flexibility based on these principles and use very little equipment, except some basics like a fitball and mat

Fortis 65cm Fitness Gym Ball

The Fitness Gym Ball is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment around. You can use it for crunches, twists, push ups, stability exercises and more! Just about any body-weight exercise can be adapted to the Gym Ball in order to work the core and the rest of the body simultaneously.

Fortis Rotating Push Up Grips


Get even more out of your push ups. The Fortis Rotating Push Up Grips are perfect for this – they add an element of instability to the exercise, which makes you work even harder.

Because of the unstable surface of the Push Up Grips, you engage more of the muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders, back and abs. You get a full upper-body workout just by using your bodyweight and the Grips.


No, not the weird craze that was popular a few years ago where people photographed themselves lying on all sorts of strange surfaces. This is a fantastic core exercise. It looks pretty easy, but it ain’t!

All you need to do is hold this position, or pose, that’s all nothing else. But if you take on the 30 day plankingchallenge you will find it’s not as easy as it looks, but it will strengthen your lower back, develop your core muscles, the abs, back, hips and butt. Which will help you avoid injuries and encourage good posture.

The 30 Day Planking challenge. Just strike the pose and hold it. Here’s the schedule

Arms, Shoulders and Chest

Building strong impressive biceps, triceps and pecs can be achieved with body weight exercises such as press ups and chin ups. But most people will include some weights and resistance equipment to push things along in this area. Barbells and dumbbells are good for bicep curls and resistance equipment helps in developing the triceps, shoulders and pectorals.

Fortis 24kg Adjustable SmartBell

Dumbbells are great for working out, but a complete set of traditional dumbbells is expensive and can take up valuable space. The Fortis 24kg Adjustable SmartBell is equivalent to 15 different weights, the SmartBell allows you to gradually increase your strength, or adjust weights for different exercises quickly without wasting time or energy between sets.

Fortis 18kg Adjustable Kettlebell

Fortis Door Gym Set

If you want a home gym that won’t get in your way, all you need is a door frame and the Fortis Door Gym Set. The Door Gym’s power cords provide resistance equivalent to up to 90kg! You can change the cords to deliver the right amount of resistance for your strength level, and increase as you see yourself getting stronger.

Included hand and ankle grips enable you to perform hundreds of different exercises to strengthen both the upper and lower body. Bicep curls, chest fly, lat pull down, shoulder press, squats, lunges, crunches and more are possible with the Door Gym



Lastly let’s talk about size. How big do you want to get?

Some guys want to build huge muscles, whereas most women do not want to have big muscles, but want to look slim, fit and toned.

This is a personal choice and choice is very much involved in getting there. Working out alone will not make you big. Those guys that you see in the pictures in body building magazines pump a lot of iron, a lot of iron. They also follow a very dedicated and strict diet, involving a lot of calories and no fat, in order to achieve that look.

So never worry about putting on too much muscle. But you should look at your diet to make sure it is healthy, balanced and focused towards you body image goals. All the exercise in the world will not make up for junk food at every meal and junk food will not give you the energy that you need to do the training you want to do anyway.

Fortis TrackFit

This amazing wristband device tracks everything you do, all day and all night. It knows how many steps you’ve taken, calories you’ve burned and the distance you’ve travelled each day, along with how well you’ve slept each night.

With TrackFit, you can’t hide behind excuses. Watch your progress and see yourself achieving goals — the perfect motivation when you feel like giving up.

The TrackFit syncs to your computer to allow you to see your progress charted every step of the way. Set a series of milestones and an ultimate goal, then smash them all.