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Do you want the best deals on the web for health and fitness equipment and health related products?

Well this is the place to be. We will be monitoring all of our suppliers for any discounts, or promotions that they are offering and bringing them to you, right here on this page.

There will be a vast range of products that are health related. They will include clothing, fitness equipment, training shoes and boots, products you can use in your home, books, DVDs, videos and more.

Please check back often, as many of these offers will be available for a short time only.

Fortis 18kg Adjustable Kettlebell

Fortis Sports Pro Practice Net

Fantastic practice anywhere for Golf, Cricket or Soccer

These things are all the rage at the moment and it’s no wonder why, this is 5 appliances in 1.

The Soup Maker, Blender & Steamer is one appliance that will change the way you cook. It functions as a Soup Maker, Blender, Steamer, Juicer and Hot Drink Maker. Use it everyday for whatever you’re craving, to make delicious meals and drinks.


Chemical-free exfoliation for your face and body


  • Exfoliate the safe and easy way.
  • Say goodbye to harsh chemicals. Perfect for any skin type.
  • Achieve healthier looking skin for less.
  • Reduce shaving rash and achieve a closer shave.
  • Separate tools for face and body

700W Centrifugal Juicer

Squeeze more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet!

With a 700 watt motor and two speed settings, this efficient juicer works for whatever you wish to juice. Its low speed setting is suitable for juicing soft fruits and vegetables, while its high speed setting is perfect for juicing harder fruits and vegetables.

Deal of the Day: Polar FT7 Male Heart Rate Monitor-$69.99

Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Accurately records and displays weight, fat, BMI, water, muscle, and bone indexes

Digital Skipping Rope – Calorie and Jump Counter

For a serious cardio workout.

These guys have a huge range of designer frames and ship to Australia, UK and Canada as well as the USA.

Toshiba Air Purifier
Cleaner and safer indoor air quality for the ones you love.

Kills 99.97% of all airborne bacteria and viruses and traps pollen.
Protect your family from potential illnesses and allergies.

Introducing an all-natural treatment that’s 100% guaranteed to help you speed up your metabolism… suppress your appetite… and lose 10… 20… 30 or more pounds – and KEEP it off – in just 30 days or less. And best of all, there’s no special food restrictions you have to follow. You won’t have to starve yourself or take another ‘diet pill’. And you can exercise – only if you want – and still get the results you’ve been waiting for!

How to Transform the Average Joe in 12 Weeks is not a weight loss book alone, it is a versatile body transformation tool that provides you with all the required assistance to bring about a comprehensive change in the way you look. How to Transform the Average Joe in 12 Weeks delves into the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical journey that Jay Bonaretti embarked upon to win the 2005 Australian IronMan BodyBlitz Competition.

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