Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain? Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that is growing in popularity because it offers pain relief without the risks of surgery or the negative side effects of pain medication. If your quality of life is being compromised by chronic, agonizing back pain due to a herniated disc, call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers today to request a consultation.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold lasers are much different than high-frequency lasers that emit heat. Cold lasers emit no heat, sound, or vibration, and induce a reaction in the cells of the body that stimulates blood flow, increases the bodies natural healing ability, reduces inflammation, reduces spasms, increases functionality, and decreases pain.

How does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Cold laser therapy is administered through a handheld device about the size of a flashlight. The laser is held directly over the affected area for anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes depending on the condition of the patient and the dosage being given.

The light actually passes through the skin about two to five centimeters where it is absorbed and interacts with the light-sensitive elements in the cell. This process is similar to photosynthesis in plants and initiates a reaction in the cells that is believed to result in normalizing damaged tissue, reducing inflammation and edema, and accelerating healing time by increasing intracellular metabolism.

The results are not instantaneous, and it may take several sessions in order to fully experience pain relief. Some patients require two to four sessions per week, depending on the severity of their condition.


While this is a very low-risk procedure, there are a few precautions:

  1. Do not use over any suspicious cancerous lesions or carcinoma.
  2. Treatments should not be given over the thyroid.
  3. Cold Laser treatment should not be administered to pregnant women.
  4. Avoid direct irradiation of the eyes, as even a cold laser can cause permanent damage to the eyes.


If you dread both the uncertainty and high-risk factors associated with more invasive back pain remedies such as back surgery, cold laser therapy is a safe, effective alternative. It is also a positive alternative to high dosages of pain medication, which have several negative side effects, including possible addiction. If you are tired of back pain, call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers and request a consultation today.

In my opinion, the best sleep experience brought by the best firm mattress can alleviate all chronic diseases including back pain. So, below we will talk about some common sense of mattress maintenance.

Breaking in a New Mattress

This is par for the course, not just to have a mattress get used to your shape, but also for your body to get used to the mattress. For some people it can take up to four weeks to really start getting the sleep benefits from their new mattress – during this time, make sure to rotate your mattress at least once in order to give both sides of the bed equal attention. If you are not enjoying your sleep after a month (your trial period may be anywhere from 90 to 180 days), consider sending your mattress back.

Beware of Sagging

Constant weight cause your mattress to sag over time – that is why you need to make sure to buy the right foundation with your mattress, as it will surprisingly take on a lot of the wear and tear. Every few weeks, rotating or flipping your mattress can help keep your mattress from sagging; also the addition of a mattress topper can take on some of the physical impacts and increase the longevity of your mattress. Also, don’t sit on the edge of your mattress so much especially if you have an innerspring or air mattress, as the edge is usually the weakest part.

Keep Your Mattress Covered

By having a mattress cover, you can help prevent the build-up of moisture, mildew, and bacteria and also protect the cosmetic surface of your mattress. Every couple of weeks you can remove the cover, wash it and put it back on for a fresh start. While certain mattresses like memory foam and natural latex are naturally anti-microbial and mold and mildew resistant, an extra layer never hurts.

Clean Your Mattress

It’s easy to forget that your mattress is still a piece of furniture that requires the same hygienic care that everything else in your home receives. When you can, vacuum your mattress or wipe it down with a cloth depending on the type of mattress you own and the corresponding care instructions (as a general rule, stay away from using too much water that will instead promote the growth of bacteria and mold).

We Have Started Living Together

Of course my dog Milo is not really thrilled with the two cats Shelly has brought with her and he got lit up by the mean one when he tried to make it stay off of his spot on the floor. She had me reading nutro cat food reviews this morning and asking me what I thought about them. I just looked at Milo and asked him what he was thinking just then. At any rate we found a really cheap place, a house out in the country which is more or less well located for both of us. She is teaching in a school that is about five minutes away. Where I live is a lot less of an issue, since all I really need is the internet and my home office. I go into the city once or twice in a week and some of the time not at all. More often I get in the car and go to visit one of the clients so that I can get a good grasp on what they need from us. Either way it does not really matter that I am not so close to the office. Continue reading “We Have Started Living Together”

How We Used an Beat We Purchased Online for a Promo Video

We needed a heavy rapid beat for a promo video we were doing for our store. It costs a fortune to hire musicians to create something, so we looked online for trap beats for sale. The trap beat is very fast. Imagine a drum beat that is like automatic rifle fire. Then throw in a few RPGs for the base thump. We needed something like that to catch the attention of the viewers. It would run for a few seconds at a higher volume then go to the background while the announcer speaks. At the end, the volume picks back up again.

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I Spent the Day Babysitting

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Now I Love to Play Online Poker

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New Oil Exploration Technology Lets Newcomers into the Game

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The new oil exploration technology even uses satellite imaging to find areas that should be drilled. There is so much sensitivity involved in today’s methods of using high tech to find oil that the tiniest details can be analyzed even from pictures taken from space. Continue reading “New Oil Exploration Technology Lets Newcomers into the Game”

Looking Forward to Moving in at the Principal Garden Location in Singapore

Our goal was to move to a nice high rise structure with a sky pool and fun amenities. We found a place with a water jet platform and a sky pool on level 24. We were offered an option on a lease for a three-bedroom condo that has a private elevator at the Principal Garden location. The project is still in the construction phase. However, you need to get your application in early for a place like this as the units will go incredibly fast. We wanted a place that would be brand new without anyone ever living in it before. We planned on keeping our condo for a very long time.

Properties in Singapore get filled fast. There is always a construction project going on, but you need to apply in a hurry once you find the place you really wan to live. I have a friend who was not moving until he could get a condo at the water’s edge. My wife and I wanted something a little more inland. The Principal Garden location is perfect for us. Continue reading “Looking Forward to Moving in at the Principal Garden Location in Singapore”

Getting the Best in Service

When people learn more about the different options they have for energy companies, they become amazed that they’ve been using the same company for as long as they have. Most people don’t realize that they may have options in their area, and because of this, they stay with companies usually until they’re no longer on this world. I was in the same boat with my old energy company. I didn’t think other companies could provide energy options, so I just accepted the status quo and paid my monthly bills, which often had rates and fees that I didn’t agree with at all.

Once I discovered a particular website where I could find other energy companies, I looked at what kinds of rates were available and couldn’t believe it. The money I wasted on my energy company and the times that I worried about not being able to pay my bill could have been avoided by going with a lower priced option, had I known that it existed. Continue reading “Getting the Best in Service”

Oeuf Recalls To Correct Cribs As A Result Of Entrapment Hazard

Having your toddler rest in a support near you not just makes changes and night feedings easier, but this practice can save your childis life. WASHINGTON (AP) – Maia Driver lately chose to return a red cushion she purchased for her child after mastering the foam inside it was likely addressed with compounds meant to prevent shoots but that were also potentially unsafe. We decided the mattress of NaturalMat over the cot bedding of Ouef.

The Traditional area is pure food-quality polyethylene, resembling a more like a conventional cot mattress but without the compounds that are unsafe. Free book with purchase of cot mattress: Acquire our e book ($17.95 benefit) on the best way to Strengthen Your Baby’s Immune-System with purchase of any crib mattress! Naturepedic’s No- Bargain Organic Cotton Traditional crib & child bed will be the most economical wholesome and really safe infant mattress available. The No- toddler bedding & Organic Cotton Common baby crib is Accredited No harmful chemicals and GREENGUARD Select Tested. The Naturepedic No- authorized natural cotton, certified from the Department of Agriculture and developed in the usa is used by Organic Baby Bedding. The bed floor is tear-resistant super strong and incredibly Easy To -clear. This is actually the final non toxic water and stain-proof bedding cover! Make the cot for that alarm pad.

The Buyer Products Safety Commission recommends that beds match sector standards for dimension, product, stability and stiffness. The JPMA seal shows the merchandise matches all government protection standards and rules established by the CPSC. Pick a bed that fits comfortably while in the crib to stop your baby from getting wedged between the bedding and the crib. Often address with a tightfitting linen to prevent surplus substance which could trigger suffocation or entanglement. The AAP advises contrary to the usage of all cot bumpers due to the enhanced threat of strangulation, suffocation with nominal data they basically prevent damage. Phones and cot toys with strings should be kept far-out of reach of the baby, as they pose a strangulation threat. Once your infant may stand to reach them, they need to no further be utilized. Follow producer’s recommendations on all baby equipment, and use safety straps to stop harm and falls. This can be a fantastic bedding.

They are not destined for the plastic and will leach off or out -gasoline into the surrounding atmosphere so they can be breathed by babies in and absorb them through their skin. Health effects related to chemical plasticizers include reproductive asthma, early-onset of adolescence, cancer, liver injury and and elimination. It seems that just three forms of phthalates are currently barred for beds, therefore it is lawful for makers to exchange using the low-restricted phthalates. There is still a phthalate (DnHP), labeled being a reproductive toxicant, permitted for use in beds. No-one truly knows what level of chemicals in vinyl is safe for children. Makers are not needed to test these compounds for your consequences on health and there’s almost no info open to exhibit protection. Almost all crib mattresses have flame retardants.

Retain the crib without any all free bedding, including sheets, blankets, crib cushions and bumpers. Often place your baby on her back prevent overheating your one that is little to cut back Infant Death possibility and again to sleep. Reduce the room temperature, should you notice your child getting flushed or wet or takeoff some of her clothing. We’re not necessarily parents that provide a fig about cosleeping or crib sleeping. The way it is seen by me, we got hours and hours and hours of more hours together with that transfer in resting locations. His five months sleeping in a car seat were spent by our boy that was poor. He’d acid reflux disease that I seen in a medical facility when he was created. And something morning, as offered, it was merely grown out of by him. To the crib he went. Those are priceless memories to me. The coin’s other facet would be the hours I used awake in the middle of the night time, imagining what our living wouldbe like without Donna, as I looked at her, holes falling my cheeks down. There we were, one-parent on either sideAll of us sleeping, her.

In 1989 A. Richardson, a scientist that was British, planned the theory that SIDS Cot Death was brought on by poisonous fumes developed in toddlers’ beds from factors generally present. Dr. Sprott experienced that SIDS children weren’t dying gas being developed inside the childis sleeping environment, but although from the condition. Independently, the clear presence of the elements phosphorus, arsenic in bedding and mattresses doesn’t create threat. The baby was removed without harm by the guardian from the cot.