Benefits of Juicing and Daily Deals on Juicers and Juice Recipes

It is a fact of life that most people do not eat their recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables; as a result products like V8 have come on to the market. V8 contains a mixture of fruits and vegetables so that people who are not getting their required vitamins and minerals in their food can try to acquire them by drinking the juice.

However by drinking packaged products like V8 you miss out on many of the benefits of fresh juice. In order to have a shelf life these products must be pasteurised and contain preservatives that you do not want to put into your body. The processes that the packaged juices go through may destroy the very vitamins that you are trying to obtain.

It’s very easy these days to juice at home. There are a wide variety of juicers on the market that can do the job in no time at all and in many cases you do not even have to cut up or peel the fruit. You just put it in whole and the juice goes straight into your cup in seconds.

Also by juicing at home you can make the juices that really suit your dietary needs and personal taste.

The benefits you will get from different fruits and vegetables are wide and varied and widely acknowledged. For example Cabbage juice has been found to treat peptic ulcers. Keracyanin, found in the pigment of Cherries, can ease gout attacks and increase movement in the fingers and toes. Citrus fruits aid in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments and Cranberry juice can prevent kidney stones and urinary tract diseases. Proanthocyanidins are found in the pit of Grapes, so when you make Grape juice using the whole grape, skin, pips and all you are releasing and consuming these antioxidants that are more potent than vitamins C or E. Grapes also contain trans-resveratol which can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Many health professionals and dieticians recommend juices for prevention and curing of Cancer. In many instances some of the best nutrients are not released when the fruit or vegetable is consumed cooked, solid or whole. But juicing breaks down and releases these nutrients that can be so beneficial in the treatment and prevention of that horrible disease that claims so many.

I could fill a book with these examples and maybe I will, but in the meantime just understand that fruit and vegetables are nature’s medicine and making juice from them is the easiest and tastiest way to get them into your body.

Don’t forget that you can mix your fruit and vegetables in the juicer in order to create a cocktail that tastes great to you and at the same time treats or prevents any condition that may concern you. Or you can simply drink juice to give you a lift in vitality in your day.

If you are not that adventurous in creating your own fruit and veg cocktails, there are many recipes available, both in books and on the Internet and we will list some of them below.

Bargain Juicers and Juicer Recipes

Below we have detailed a range of juicers at bargain prices, the video above reviews one of the most popular, the Breville BJE200XL 700 Watt Compact Juice Fountain. So get in quick, pick up a juicer and a recipe book and start reaping the benefits of your own fresh daily juice.

700W Centrifugal Juicer

With a 700 watt motor and two speed settings, this efficient juicer works for whatever you wish to juice. Its low speed setting is suitable for juicing soft fruits and vegetables, while its high speed setting is perfect for juicing harder fruits and vegetables.

Uses a pressing and squeezing action to extract maximum liquid while retaining all of the healthy nutrients.

Cold Press juicers are widely believed to extract and retain more of the nutrients from your fruit and vegetables than conventional juicers and are recommended by organisations like the Gerson Institute which specialises in alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

Conventional juicers use fast spinning blades which can heat up the juice and reduce its nutritional value. However the price of Cold Press Juicers is often too much for many budgets, but this model is a breakthrough and right now you can pick it up for less than the price of many conventional juicers.

Ovela Fruit Infuser Jug

A great healthy and natural way to flavour up those 2 litres plus of water you should be drinking every day.

Ovela Fruit Infuser Bottle

Add refreshing flavour to every drink with the Ovela Fruit Infuser Bottle. The healthy and natural alternative to cordials, the infuser bottle lets you combine fresh fruit with water, tea or soft drink.