We Have Started Living Together

Of course my dog Milo is not really thrilled with the two cats Shelly has brought with her and he got lit up by the mean one when he tried to make it stay off of his spot on the floor. She had me reading nutro cat food reviews this morning and asking me what I thought about them. I just looked at Milo and asked him what he was thinking just then. At any rate we found a really cheap place, a house out in the country which is more or less well located for both of us. She is teaching in a school that is about five minutes away. Where I live is a lot less of an issue, since all I really need is the internet and my home office. I go into the city once or twice in a week and some of the time not at all. More often I get in the car and go to visit one of the clients so that I can get a good grasp on what they need from us. Either way it does not really matter that I am not so close to the office. Continue reading “We Have Started Living Together”

How We Used an Beat We Purchased Online for a Promo Video

We needed a heavy rapid beat for a promo video we were doing for our store. It costs a fortune to hire musicians to create something, so we looked online for trap beats for sale. The trap beat is very fast. Imagine a drum beat that is like automatic rifle fire. Then throw in a few RPGs for the base thump. We needed something like that to catch the attention of the viewers. It would run for a few seconds at a higher volume then go to the background while the announcer speaks. At the end, the volume picks back up again.

It is nice to be able to find hundreds of trap beats for sale online to choose from. We listened to dozens of them before narrowing down our choices to a select few. Then we picked one to go with for our promo video musical score. Continue reading “How We Used an Beat We Purchased Online for a Promo Video”

I Spent the Day Babysitting

I spent the day babysitting some kids for this person who is a friend of my old boss. In fact they are dating and the two of them apparently took a day trip to Bali. He lives at this new place called parc life. The place has these executive condos and they are really nice. It is obviously off of Yishun Avenue and really close to the Yishun Park and the reservoir, along with a bunch of other parks. That is where me and the two children spent nearly all of the day. They are both girls, one of them seven and the other one is five. They had a football and it was pretty quickly that they organized a little match with a half dozen or so other girls. There was an odd number of them, so they put me in one of the goals. Continue reading “I Spent the Day Babysitting”

Now I Love to Play Online Poker

When my friend first told me about Poker Uang Asli for Android, I really was not sure that I was going to try it out for myself. It’s not because that is not my cup of tea, because it actually is. I am just the type to go and play in person. Admittedly, it has been harder and harder to find not only the time but the people to play poker with now that we are all starting to work opposite shifts and some even moving away for better jobs. I just was not sure about taking my hobby to an online venue.

I don’t have a lot of experience with the online world. Continue reading “Now I Love to Play Online Poker”

New Oil Exploration Technology Lets Newcomers into the Game

We were getting into the energy industry late in the game, but we were relying on new oil exploration technology to find areas where drilling was going to produce more with less land. The oil boom has companies with staked claims pretty much all over the Marcellus Shale region of North America. However, there are still some areas open for exploration for drilling for oil. Our financial backers were interested because of our plans to use cutting edge technology in finding the profitable oil and gas deposits.

The new oil exploration technology even uses satellite imaging to find areas that should be drilled. There is so much sensitivity involved in today’s methods of using high tech to find oil that the tiniest details can be analyzed even from pictures taken from space. Continue reading “New Oil Exploration Technology Lets Newcomers into the Game”

Looking Forward to Moving in at the Principal Garden Location in Singapore

Our goal was to move to a nice high rise structure with a sky pool and fun amenities. We found a place with a water jet platform and a sky pool on level 24. We were offered an option on a lease for a three-bedroom condo that has a private elevator at the Principal Garden location. The project is still in the construction phase. However, you need to get your application in early for a place like this as the units will go incredibly fast. We wanted a place that would be brand new without anyone ever living in it before. We planned on keeping our condo for a very long time.

Properties in Singapore get filled fast. There is always a construction project going on, but you need to apply in a hurry once you find the place you really wan to live. I have a friend who was not moving until he could get a condo at the water’s edge. My wife and I wanted something a little more inland. The Principal Garden location is perfect for us. Continue reading “Looking Forward to Moving in at the Principal Garden Location in Singapore”

Getting the Best in Service

When people learn more about the different options they have for energy companies, they become amazed that they’ve been using the same company for as long as they have. Most people don’t realize that they may have options in their area, and because of this, they stay with companies usually until they’re no longer on this world. I was in the same boat with my old energy company. I didn’t think other companies could provide energy options, so I just accepted the status quo and paid my monthly bills, which often had rates and fees that I didn’t agree with at all.

Once I discovered a particular website where I could find other energy companies, I looked at what kinds of rates were available and couldn’t believe it. The money I wasted on my energy company and the times that I worried about not being able to pay my bill could have been avoided by going with a lower priced option, had I known that it existed. Continue reading “Getting the Best in Service”

It Almost Seems Too Real

I recently started playing a new video game where you play out the lives of people you create. You get to make all decisions for them, what house they live in, what career they pursue and even when they go to the bathroom and eat. Recently in the game my people were sleeping and a burglar broke into their home and stole the television and the refrigerator. This was very upsetting so after saving up some money I bought a home security system, like adt, to keep this from happening again. Continue reading “It Almost Seems Too Real”

Green Tea is an Excellent Source of Coenzyme Q10

You may never have considered this but, green tea extract can now be found in a supplement which works in synergy with another 76 carefully blended herbs to fight and prevent numerous illnesses.When something works in synergy it greatly compounds the benefits of a single part. Let me explain. Green tea can prevent blood vessel constriction while Coenzyme Q 10 can protect your heart and yet another herb can make sure that your high blood pressure will not return. I know that we can all get lethargic and tired. The kids wear us out with all the running about we have to do for them. Head cook and bottle washer not to mention chauffeur and a list of other roles as long as your arm. bigstock-Coenzyme-Q-78079415

Anyway help is at hand. Do you want to know how green tea health benefits can put the spring back into your step and help you not only get through each day but sail through each day without feeling like you need a pick me up tonic. Continue reading “Green Tea is an Excellent Source of Coenzyme Q10”