7 Tips to Stop Back Pain Before it Starts

1. Stop Smoking or better still don’t start.

All smokers will hate this one because they have been told a thousand times that they should stop. But here is another reason, a 2010 review of 40 studies found that smokers suffer more lower back pain than non-smokers. This is probably because smoking reduces blood flow, including to the lower back. So Stop Smoking Now

2. Learn how to lift properly.

From the tip no one had heard before to the tip everyone has been told. When lifting heavy objects, or even light ones, make sure that you lift properly to avoid causing damage to your back. For the record that means keep your back straight and bend your knees, so that the strong muscles of your legs take the strain.

3. Stand Straight

It’s a fact that most people stoop, especially tall people and they are more prone to back problems anyway. So keep your back straight whenever you are standing or walking. If you imagine a straight line through your body, your ears, shoulders, hips, and knees should all stack up along that line, with your head sitting directly above your neck, not drooping forward.

4. Sit Right

Sitting is probably the biggest cause of back pain these days. With so many people working at desks hunched over computers, the constant poor posture regularly takes its toll. Be sure you have a chair with the right support to keep your back in the S shape that it should be. Do not lean forward and become a C. Get up regularly, at least every half an hour and take short breaks from long periods of sitting. Walk around during your breaks to take the strain off of your spine and its supporting muscles. Lastly if you are using a computer the screen should be level with your eyes, you should not have to look up or down at it in your normal position.

5. Wear Soft Shoes

Hard soled shoes provide little or no cushioning, so every step that you take jars your back a little. So be kind to your back and your feet and wear suitably cushioned, supportive soles whenever you can.

6. Don’t sleep uphill

By this I mean do not have too many pillows under your head. Two or three pillows will put a strain on your muscles and keep your spine in an awkward position all night, the very time when it should be recovering from the rigours of keeping you upright all day.

7. Build your core strength

In order to support your spine you need strong muscles around the centre of your body. Most guys who lift heavy things believe that they are plenty strong enough. But they are almost always working on the wrong muscles. The best forms of exercise to build the core muscles come from Yoga and Pilates.

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You may also find some of the information and products available below are helpful.

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Back pain is a very common chronic condition and many people with back pain are also dealing with neck pain because of spinal decompression and degeneration. This article at beautyhealthage.com/stop-neck-pain discusses these conditions and give suggestions on how to treat these aches before they become a lifestyle threatening condition. Prevention is better than cure isn't it?