5 Things You Can do Today to Relieve Your Joint Pain

1. Check with your Doctor.

All pain is worth checking with your doctor as a first step. In extreme circumstances it can be a sign of something more sinister like a tumour. Obviously in the vast majority of cases it is not, but you should always eliminate that possibility.

Secondly your doctor is the best reference for the correct course of treatment for any pain condition. Go armed on your doctor’s visit to get the most out of it. Prepare a pain diary identifying the level of pain on a numbered scale and if and when it fluctuates during the day. Include how much the pain impacts your mood, relationships, sleep, and physical functioning.


If, after you have seen your doctor, you find the recommended treatment is not providing the relief that you are looking for, then it is worth exploring some alternative treatments that have produced good results for others.

2. Do not ignore your pain.

Avoid any activities that aggravate your pain like running, lifting heavy objects, kneeling for long periods or poor posture when standing, sitting or lying in bed. You can also use your pain diary to note what activities relieve or worsen your pain.

3. Do not stop moving all together.

Although you may think that compete rest is what your aching joints need, becoming too sedentary can make things worse. Muscles atrophy and joints become even more stiff unless they get some form of movement. Exercise promotes the creation of lubricating synovial fluid and serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain which all improve your mood and ability to withstand the pain.

Exercise can also improve joint function and range of motion. It could even boost cartilage growth. But make sure that you are doing exercises that help and do not further injure your joints

4. Keep an eye on your weight.

The more weight that you carry the more pressure you put on your joints. If you lose a pound of excess weight, you take 4 pounds of pressure off of your knees. Which leads us into…

5. Eat right to relieve joint pain.

As we often say, you are what you eat and the right food can prevent and even cure joint pain. Make sure you get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, pain-fighting polyphenols, and vitamins C, D and K.

This means lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy unsaturated fats. Salmon and other oily fish are great sources of the right unsaturated fats. Spices Ginger and Tumeric can help fight pain, Low fat dairy foods help build bone strength. Even a glass of red wine can help; the resveratrol in the grapes can have the same analgesic effect as aspirin. If you don’t drink red wine, grape juice can have the same outcome.

5a. Do you know what is the No. 1 fruit that KILLS joint pain & inflammation?

The single MOST powerful anti-inflammatory food is…
Tart Cherries, or Tart Cherry extract or concentrate.

Studies have shown that the anthocyanins and phenolics in tart cherries have a powerful effect in reducing the inflammation that can cause joint pain. In fact, according to researchers from the Oregon Health & Science University, Tart Cherries have the highest anti-inflammatory content of any food.

Tart cherries also have a long history in helping people get relief from Gout or Osteoarthritis.

Sweet cherries also have some benefits, but tart cherries have been identified in research to have larger quantities of the anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.

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